DreamBoxEdit - The Dreambox Settings Editor


A Windows program to create, delete and modify your Dreambox Satellite Receiver services and (user) bouquets.


DreamBoxEdit, de Settings Editor voor de Dreambox. Met dit Windows programma kunnen de Dreambox settings op een PC bewerkt worden. Zo kunnen kanalen verschoven of verwijderd worden en  Bouquets en user bouquets gemaakt worden. De settings kunnen met de ingebouwde FTP functie opgehaald en terug gezet worden.

DreamBoxEdit, der ultimative Settings Editor für die Dreambox. Dieses Windows Programm ermöglicht es ihnen die Dreambox Settings am PC zu bearbeiten. Sie können Kanäle hinzufügen, löschen, verschieben und sortieren. Auch die Bouquets und Userbouquets können mit DreamBoxEdit problemlos verwaltet werden.


The new open source version 3.0 of DreamBoxEdit now available

Version 3.0 offers support for the DM800 and for HD-TV

To download go to the new homepage of DreamBoxEdit at dreamboxedit.digsat.net

The DreamBoxEdit forum can be found at http://digsat.net (direct link to forum).
The place for discussions, questions, bugs, enhancement requests etc.!

September 26th 2008


You can easily transfer all necessary files between your Dreambox and a map on your PC with the built-in FTP function.
You can reboot the Dreambox or reload the settings on the Dreambox with one click.


Download statistics for downloads of pre-open source DreamBoxEdit from this site:

There were more than 440.000 downloads of pre 3.0 versions of DreamBoxEdit together.


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